Why I Broke Up With Eating Clean

Why I Broke Up With Eating Clean


In today’s show, we’re going to talk about why I broke up with clean eating. This is a personal confession type episode, and what I hope is that by sharing my confession, you will be able to grab a couple of nuggets and apply it to your own situation.


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0:58 – My Confession 

1:44 – The Number 1 Reason I Broke Up With Clean Eating

2:07 – Clean Eating Definition

4:05 – Why Being a “rule follower” Made It Harder

5:02 – A “Black or White” Restriction Was a Struggle

6:57 – Red Flags Started to Appear – Getting Weird With Food

8:50 – Fierce Follow Up

9:43 – Become A Fierce Friend


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Why I Broke Up With Eating Clean

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