Gut Health & Weight Loss with Dr. Jillian Teta

Gut Health & Weight Loss Jillian Teta

In today’s show, I’ve got another one of my smarty-pants friends, Dr. Jillian Teta here. And we are going deep into the gut, literally. We’re going to talk about gut health, and weight loss, and what they have to do with each other; what you need to know, and where to start.


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1:02 – Jillian Teta Intro

1:53 – Jillian Self-Introduction

4:11 – What Is A Healthy Gut?

8:05 – What Does Gut Health & Weight Loss Have To Do With Each Other?

16:30 – Adverse Food Reaction & Industrialization

19:02 – Where Do We Get Started With Gut Health?

23:32 – Changing The Way You Poop

26:20 – Next Steps for Better Gut Health

30:15 – Where To Find Jillian Teta Online

31:17 – Fierce Follow-Up

32:00 – Become A Fierce Friend


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Gut Health & Weight Loss w/ Dr. Jillian Teta

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