Is Snacking Bad for Weight Loss?

Is Snacking Bad for Weight Loss?


In today’s show, we’re going to answer the question, is snacking a bad thing. I get tons of questions all the time about whether or not snacking is bad. Or some people just automatically assume that it is and they ask me what are my best tips if they want to stop snacking, and sometimes, they really don’t even need to stop snacking. So we’re going to jump into what snacking really is, and then we’re going to talk about whether or not it is bad for weight loss.


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1:15 – Figure-Friendly Menu Planning Workshop Promo

4:13 – The Question

4:46 – Definition Of A Snack

5:07 – Answer to Question

5:27 – 1st: Why We Snack

8:03 -.2nd – What Are You Eating When Snack

10:15 – Fierce Follow-Up

10:40 – Become a Fierce Friend



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Is Snacking Bad for Weight Loss?

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