41 Things I’ve Learned In 41 Years

41 Things I’ve Learned In 41 Years

Today’s show is going to be really really fun when this airs, it’s Sunday, April 1st, 2018; and that is my 41st birthday. So as my birthday celebration and gift to you, I am going to share with you 41 things that I’ve learned in 41 years, and this happens to be our 41st episode. I will be dropping some gems about life, parenting, weight loss; just my perspective on the things I’ve learned.


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1:30 – Figure-Friendly Menu Planning Workshop Promo

4:30 – Background To What Why I’m Sharing

5:53 – Become A Fierce Friend

6:16 – Perspective Is Everything Because It Shapes Attitude

6:48 – Your Purpose Is Your Reality

6:58 – You Can’t Ever Get What You Won’t Admit

7:23 – Clarity Comes Before Consistency

7:49 – There’s Freedom In Discipline

7:59 – What Other People Think Of Me Isn’t My Business

8:11 – In Life You Pass The Test Or Retake It

8:39 – Children Are The Perfect Mirror

9:11 – Do What I Say, Not What I Do Doesn’t Work

9:22 – Intrinsic Motivation Is Gold

9:55 – Results Are Short-Lived Without Appreciation For Or Love Of The Process

10:36 – At The Root Of Every Struggle Is Either Lack Of Clarity, The Presence of Complexity, Or A Complete Refusal To Submit To The Process

11:22 – Routines Rock

11:30 – Schedules Are Super

11:35 – You Can’t Expect What You Didn’t Instruct

11:56 – Inspect What You Expect

12:33 – You Have To Do Hard Things

13:18 – There Is No Award For Making Simple Things Hard

13:37 – Going Slower Is Faster In The End

14:06 – Eat The Frog Early And Often

14:59 – Procrastination Can Be Beat With Blocking

15:55 – Just Do It Can Be Motivating Or Defeating

16:39 – Guilt & Shame Is Rarely Motivating

17:28 – Don’t Take Things Personal

18:02 – Green Eggs & Ham Is The Best Sales Book Ever

19:39 – Smiling Makes A Difference

20:24 – Words Reveal Intent While Action Reveals Commitment

21:28 – In Order To Master Something You Have To Be Willing To Suck At It

22:45 – Effort Exerted Over Time Leads To Ease

23:15 – If You Want To Help Someone Get Somewhere, It’s More Effective To Meet Them Where They Are Than Try To Convince Them Of Where They Should Be 

24:13 – Life Isn’t Fair And It Doesn’t Have To Be Fair In Order For You To Win

25:38 – Attention Is Finite

27:03 – Sometimes Our Achievements Are Delayed Because God Is Allowing Our Character To Catch Up With Our Goals

27:57 – Systems Strategies And Routines Only Work When You Do

28:44 – Knowledge Is Potential Not Power (#35)

28:49 – Knowing The Most Has Utility, But Taking The Most Informed Action Makes The Biggest Difference

(Knowledge Without Corresponding Action Leads To Frustration)

29:09 – Willpower Is A Last Resort

29:33 – Where There Is No Commitment, There Is No Transformation

30:04 – Dreams Need To Be Funded

30:33 – Things Change & You Have To Be Willing To Change To

31:22 – Fierce Follow-Up

31:41 – Become A Fierce Friend


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Figure-Friendly Menu Planning Workshop

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41 Things I’ve Learned In 41 Years

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