Losing Weight & Reclaiming Your Health Without Becoming “That Girl”

Losing Weight & Reclaiming Your Health Without Becoming "That Girl"

In today’s show we’re diving deep into a topic that I think, probably everyone listening to this can relate to. This show was inspired by a listener’s question over in Concita’s Fierce Friends which is our free support group, and it’s all about how she wants results, wants to lose weight, wants to position herself to continue to have optimal health. However some of the things that she observes the leaner females doing; some of the things which seem like what needs to be done in order for her to get those results. She’s not interested in doing at all. She didn’t want to become that girl. Here’s my insight.


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1:43 – ‘How to Lose Weight for Good’ Live Workshop Introduction

2:52 – Intro

3:22 – Question from Fierce Friend’s Facebook Group

5:10 – What to do to Get Results but Don’t Want the Lifestyle of “that girl”

5:38 – Doing it Your Way

7:07 – Knowing What You Want

8:00 – What’s Your Non-Negotiable?

9:22 – Figure Out the Gaps

13:00 – Don’t Knock it Until You’ve tried it

16:20 – Fierce Follow Up

17:44 – Become a Fierce Friend


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Losing Weight & Reclaiming Your Health Without Becoming "That Girl"

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