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Welcome to Coaching Club

Home of the No Fuss Fitness Movement

Lose weight and inches with the time and energy you have- NO OBSESSION NECESSARY!

The Journey That Inspired the Creation of No Fuss Fitness

What is Coaching Club?

Coaching Club is an exclusive club designed to help you lose weight and keep it off in the most effortless and sustainable way.  The club was designed for women who are most often failed by traditional fitness options- women who have really full lives and no desire to make their weight loss journey the number one priority in life just to get results.

I get it.  I am a wife, mom of 2, and business owner.  I know that you want to take good care of yourself but you struggle to find a way to do that with the other competing priorities you have in life.  I created this club to help you end that struggle and finally get real results without the need to find more time to exercise, get more consistent with meal prep, or get more willpower.  You will get the tools and strategies you need to succeed now- with the time, energy, and resources you already have.


No Contract – Cancel Anytime

What Can I Expect When I Become A Coaching Club Client?

  • Overcome fitness obstacles and hangups that have kept you from reaching your weight loss goals.
  • Establish new habits that make weight loss and maintenance effortless.

What Do Coaching Club Clients Get?

  • Weekly workout schedule detailing which workouts to do each day. You won’t have to think about what to do- just follow along.
  • Short, challenging follow along videos for strength and conditioning (cardio) workouts. Train in your PJs- no travel time.
  • Nutrition guidelines and ongoing education and coaching. You will be done with guessing and rummaging through conflicting nutrition advice. We will show you what to do and help you understand why so that you are confident in your approach.
  • Recipe book with monthly updates so that you don’t need to think about what to cook.
  • Monthly education modules via video, webinar, or audio interview to address relevant issues that can get in the way of your transformation.
  • Direct access to Coach Concita via an exclusive, members only Facebook group to get the guidance and encouragement you need along the way.
  • Ongoing accountability and support from the dynamic community of upbeat women who are walking through this journey with you.

NOTE: This program does NOT include individualized programming nor phone and email access.  All coaching  and questions are handled in the exclusive Facebook group.


No Contract – Cancel Anytime

The Coaching Club Is FOR You If:

  • You want to lose weight without having the fitness plan hijack your life.
  • You value efficient exercise routines that can fit in the pockets of your schedule.
  • You want meal strategies that can be consistently implemented at restaurants, on the road, and at home.
  • You value interaction with a group of supportive women who are on a similar journey.
  • You are ready to face and overcome challenges that consistently keep you from achieving the body you want, vicious cycle of starting and stopping and losing and gaining, and create a sustainable LIFESTYLE to keep the weight of forever.

No Contract – Cancel Anytime

The Coaching Club Is NOT For You If:

  • You are searching for a quick fix and are not ready to cultivate a sustainable lifestyle.
  • You prefer one on one coaching and accountability.
  • You are not ready to follow through on simple actions to create massive impact and results.

Limited Time Bonus

The “Get It Done” Bundle 


  • “Zero Time Training Solutions”- Short home workouts for those days when your regular workout just won’t fit.
  • “21 Transformation Hacks” – Twenty-one ways to simplify your transformation process.
  • “Do Less for Success Checklist” – Most common, easy to automate and delegate tasks to make more time in your life for weight loss success.


No Contract – Cancel Anytime