5 Ways to Keep Your Fitness Motivation

Every fitness enthusiast loses her mojo at some point but when you know how and why it happens, you can quickly regain it and keep it.  Here’s how the predictable process of losing your mojo goes…

You decide to lose weight, sign up for the gym, buy new gear, and start exercising a few times a week.  You see results, get compliments, and decide you want more.  Now the weekly sessions are daily and sometimes twice a day.  You start to skip outings with friends in exchange for workouts and you really don’t mind because you have attained the coveted, elite *BEASTMODE* status and nothing is stopping you this time. NO DAYS OFF. NO HOLIDAYS. JUST DO IT- DON’T THINK ABOUT IT.  Sound familiar?

Eventually the inevitable happens…  You are sore, stiff, and tired..  You miss a workout and then another and them BAM you are on the couch eating chocolate and staying up way too late watching movies and searching Facebook.  Your awesome results start to disappear and you drag yourself to the gym for a few haphazard sessions each month in a desperate attempt to *pull it together* and *get back on track* but you don’t really want to do it anymore.  The thrill is gone and you wonder… where did my mojo go and how do I get it back?

Here are five ways to keep your fitness motivation for the long haul.

1) Schedule Breaks

No one stays uber motivated forever and you don’t need to do that to be fit and in shape year round.  Plan to take breaks from your normal routine.  Studies have shown that you get the best weight loss, performance, and injury prevention results by taking a break every 3-4 weeks but some people prefer to go for slightly longer stretches.  On your rest week, take walks, do some light cardio, or play recreational sports.  The point isn’t to be totally inactive but to take a break from a strict regimen  to enhance both mental and physical recovery.  When the week is over, you will be excited to get going again.

2) Do What it Takes But Not More

If you are doing something that is working- keep doing it WITHOUT adding more.  Adding more to what is working does not guarantee that you will get faster results and most times you get the exact opposite. Exercise, nutrition, and energy are closely related.  When you are training too much, you will naturally have more hunger and cravings and less energy. If you are exercising so much that you can’t stick to sensible nutrition and have little energy for anything else, what’s the point?

3) Set Goals That Aren’t Weight Related

We all know that seeing the scale go down is motivating but that type of motivation can backfire. Inevitably you will experience a plateau or other setback during which all of your hard work and healthy eating is producing absolutely no progress on the scale.  If weight loss is your only goal, it will be easy to talk yourself into compromising on the workouts and nutrition.  Choose to master an exercise that is difficult for you or enter a walk, run, or obstacle course competition to keep you motivated to train even when the scale isn’t giving you the feedback you want.



4) Make Fitness Fun

From time to time try a workout that absolutely makes you smile, laugh, or wonder what in the world you have gotten yourself into.  Training is both a science and an art and most of your workouts should be designed to produce the results you want BUT a random playground workout, dance lesson, kayaking session, or hike can break up the monotony and keep your motivation high.



5) Nurture Your Non-Fitness Interests

The quickest way to lose your mojo is to make your entire life revolve around fitness.  No matter how great you look if you don’t have time to spend with people who lift your spirits and make you laugh or to do the things that make you smile, you will eventually quit.  Absence makes the heart grow fonder even when it comes to fitness so spend time pursuing your other interests and you will appreciate your workout time even more.

What are your favorite ways to keep your fitness mojo or get it back when it has gone missing?  Tell me over on the Fit Club Facebook page.

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